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Graphical Programming and Simulation for BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, SNMP

It goes by a few different names: Graphical programming, visual programming, visual control, etc. When we say graphical programming, we mean you simply draw a picture of your control program, compile it with a couple of mouse clicks, and download it to the controller or freely programmable network I/O. Simulation and debugging is done graphically. New or updated devices even include a live debug mode that enables graphical debugging on live hardware.

Draw control programs
Electrical CAD look and feel
Compile code from drawings
Simulate functions block by block
Run to break point
Run until paused
Inspect or change variables
Inspect or change registers
Draw new function blocks
Library source code included

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Printable summary of i.CanDrawIt® (pdf)

i.CanDrawIt® Price

i.CanDrawIt® is provided at no additional cost for unlimited use with any ValuPoint® controller, i.CanDoIt® server, or AddMe® network I/O node from Control Solutions Minnesota*.

• No supporting software to buy
• No license fees
• No run-time licenses
• Includes no-fee online support
• No time limits
• No functional limits or disabled features
• Make as many copies as you need

Use free form logic style, ladder logic style, or hybrid mix of styles. Fully customizeable and expandable function block library with source code is included.

*i.CanDrawIt® is not sold for use with other controllers or I/O devices.

i.CanDrawIt® Devices

i.CanDrawIt® is supported by an assortment of devices from Control Solutions. Any existing product that is freely programmable using Control Solutions' PL/i environment is automatically supported by i.CanDrawIt®. The only program related enhancements that will be found in newer devices from Control Solutions will simply be larger program capacity, and the live debug mode available only for IP based devices in the series III family. The series IV family will include live debug on all devices.

Click here for more device details.